Colombo round table nft pin

Round Table Sri Lanka (RTLSL PIN)

Pin Ownership: Round Table Sri Lanka

Pin Type: Table Pin

Round Table Sri Lanka (RTSL) now boasts 9 clubs and over 100 tablers. The nine different clubs carry out many different community service projects.

There are many more short-term initiatives being carried out to help various communities, especially during natural disasters both locally & nationally, where Round Table clubs spring to action to assist. 

The greatest project carried out by RTSL was the reconstruction of several schools in rural Sri Lanka that were damaged by the tsunami in 2004. 

This US$2 million project was funded by foreign Round Tables and local sponsors and implemented with zero administration cost (as all Round Table projects are) by RTSL members.

Round Table Colombo 1 (CRT1 PIN)

Pin Ownership: Round Table Colombo 1

Pin Type: Table Pin

The Colombo Round Table No. 1 (CRT1) sponsored by Madras Mylapore Round Table No. 3 was the first Table formed in Sri Lanka. 

The Table was chartered in March 1993. 

The Table has carried out many service projects over the years and chartered the Second Table, Colombo Serendib Round Table No. 2, in August 1996.

CRT1 are currently working on projects to provide drinking water to children in rural schools across the country.  

Round Table Colombo 3 (CRT3 PIN)

Pin Ownership: Round Table Colombo 3

Pin Type: Table Pin

Colombo Taprobane Round Table 3 was Chartered in 1999. 

CTRT3 has been an extremely active table in Sri Lanka, with Tablers who have served on the Round Table International Board, including a Round Table International President. 

CTRT3 supports developing schools for children with Cerebral Palsy.

Round Table Colombo 4 (CCRT4 PIN)

Pin Ownership: Round Table Colombo 4

Pin Type: Table Pin

Colombo Cinnamon Round Table 4 was Chartered in the Year 2005.

Since the charter, CCRT4 has been highly active in Tabling, which has made a great name through travelling internationally.

CCRT4 has earned a reputation as the club that organisers the best fellowship events.

CCRT4 operate the “Heroes Project”, which supports a school for Children with Autism

Round Table Colombo 7 (NRT7 PIN)

Pin Ownership: Round Table Colombo 7

Pin Type: Table Pin

Negambo Round Table 7 was Chartered in the year 2015, this was the first Table outside of Colombo to be Chartered. 

NRT7 prioritises supporting children through their education in Sri Lanka. NRT7 is known to have fun events as they embody the Sri Lankan spirit of enjoying life through song, food and festivities.

NRT7 operates the “Help Schools” project, where they provide school children with the necessities to support their education.

Round Table Colombo 8 (CCRT4 PIN)

Pin Ownership: Round Table Colombo 8

Pin Type: Table Pin

Colombo Tuskers Round Table 8 was chartered in 2016, with the event’s blessing of international tablers from several countries. 

CTRT8 has a lot of young Tablers on the board, embracing the culture of Tabling with open arms.

CTRT8 operate the “Freedom Through Education.” project, which aims to provide children in rural areas with classrooms and other activities to give light to their future.

Forward together by Ranil

Pin Type: Commemorative 

The pin is to remember the RTSL Pretour launched the year 2013. After much work by Priyanka Disanayaka and myself, the concept was approved by the RTSL Board headed by Prashant Amalean.

The tour was named the Paradise Crawl.
Paradise represents the beauty of Sri Lanka and her people, Crawl represents a well-paced journey through Sri Lanka for five days- short but full of experiences. The Pretour hence has always been special to me as I believe launching a pre-tour would be a great start to get RTSL on the RT International Map. The Tuk Tuk represents a popular mode of transport in Sri Lanka – and we had tuk-tuk races on the pre-tour for fun.The Coconut trees represent Sri Lanka as the tropical Island that it is. The surfboard on top of the Tuk Tuk represents the Surf Camp we always had in Arugam Bay during the Pre Tour. The Wheels represent the hand that carries us- The national rondel and my club rondel- as these two have given me a lot in my journey in life. The driver of the Tuk Tuk is a lady, which symbolises all the ladies who help us steer our journey straight and keep on the right path.

– Ranil Samarawickrema